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SkratchJams OC's in Star Wars by theCHAMBA SkratchJams OC's in Star Wars by theCHAMBA
Final :iconskratchjams: JAM before shifting all NEW jams to :iconchipperchapchat-jams:

Real simple here.

* Take ANY OC's from the Skratchjams OC…

* If you choose your own OC, you have to do an another OC in addition.

* Re-imagine the OC as one of the members of the following Star Wars groups: Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire!

* Illustrate the character in Full Colour (digital or traditional) into the template provided (download the .zip file)

* Submit to 'Skratchjams OC's in Star Wars' folder:…

* If you like, you can depict the selected OC as each! (or even a different Oc for each if you like)

* Provide URL to the OC in your submission text description.

* If you don't have an OC in the OC pool and you'd like to participate anyway, it's all good.
All you'll have to do is Fill one of these in:  SKRATCHJAMS - OC template by theCHAMBA and submit it to:… before you can participate.

This jam will end on:

Thursday 31st August, 2017 11:59pm PST

Please direct all questions to :
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August 17
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