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December 8, 2009
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Is it possible? by theCHAMBA Is it possible? by theCHAMBA
Sure, why not!

So I needed a bit of break from pagework.
and this current contest's theme piqued my interest.

The contest, open to artists of all visual mediums anywhere in the world, challenges you to show us your dreams and aspirations for the future.

The word that Got me there was Your.
Wasn't sure if that were to be taken figuratively or Literally, So I took it from a more personal note.

Dreams for the future are simple for me.

I'd love to keep being able to draw, to create art. It makes me happy. So I drew an older me in a style that's not serious, something light hearted. Simple. Pleasant.

The Arm-less watch represents moments without restrictions of time. Creating art (or doing things we enjoy in general) can often times be annoying when placed under time constraints. It can really suck the fun out've it.

The Open box with the opened lock represents the unlocking of potential. As I get older, I'd hope to eventually unlock more and more things contained within my imagination. Sometimes there's something in my head that I simply can't get out, and that can get really annoying. I'd love to continually exceed that point and actually draw what I see in my head. Maybe even surprise myself.

Who knows, maybe in time.

One's allowed to dream, right?


why not!

now back to work I go.
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This is really nice and touching. Touching, because it shows you still love to draw even when you're older. I find that very heart-warming. :)

Fav! :D
RiderB0y Feb 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let us Dream =)
Demondog888 Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice!!
I totally love your entry, sadoy I couldn't do mine since I have a ton of stuff to do :(

But it's great to see that someone actually follow the guidelines 'show YOUR dreams' which people barely did in their entries, so this piece is really meaningful :D!
I like it very much! The background is simple yet vibrant, and the man (older you)is more detailed, clearer and has a inviting smile making him the main focus. I also like your dream, it's a good dream worth fighting for :) Great job!
bia-k Dec 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved this one! not just the colors, but the whole gives a a tranquil emotion about the future.

This is so keen, I love it! I could relate, and I love the autumn colors and the potential box! ^^
Love the point behind it. great piece. always love lookin at your stuff.
bleedinggumspteter Dec 13, 2009
A greatb pic with good meaning behind it. I hope you win, is it based on votes?
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